Success in business demands a good amount of “savoir-être”.

In a globalized world, some business opportunities require knowing the propriety of your own culture, as much as comprehending other cultures in order to avoid misunderstandings and potential embarrassments.

The Brussels Etiquette Academy can give you the knowledge you need, so that you can always be in your element while entertaining professional relationships that require diligence in etiquette and following protocol.

Knowing what is appropriate and what is not allows you to evolve graciously and to better understand cultural differences; avoid making any false steps, which could compromise the success of your projects.

Subjects discussed in “Business etiquette” training include :

Reception and hospitality
Intercultural communication
Etiquette and protocol
Invitations to events, receptions
Table manners in society
Greetings and salutations, presentation skills
Business meeting
Dressing codes
Non-verbal communication
Non- violent communication
Acceptance of the other
The “Golden Rules”
Mistakes that are to be avoided

Etiquette in business consists in the art of being distinguishable.