“Savoir vivre” (good manners) and “savoir-être” (social skills) can be taught and learned.

The Brussels Etiquette Academy intends to promote the knowledge of social conventions in both daily and professional contexts. Courses aim to learn proper conduct and exemplary attitude in any situation. Sharing the legacy of refinement and distinction is necessary in French and British culture, as well as being aware of everybody’s differences.


It’s never too early to learn Etiquette.

Knowing good manners and showing “savoir-vivre” and “savoir-faire“ has to be learned from an early age.
Training at the Brussels Etiquette Academy allows your children to feel more comfortable within society; they will readily become Ladies and Gentlemen without a sweat. This will certainly facilitate working within our current world and allow them to become accomplished adults.
Subjects discussed in class with our young students include :

Greetings and salutations
Presentation skills
Kitchen and table art
Receiving guests and being received
Communication skills
Posture and preservation
Learning to walk with class

Our classes are meticulously elaborated so that your child can open out easily with confidence. We also offer accommodation options on site during school holidays.