Welcome to the Brussels Etiquette Academy.

The world we live in is increasingly demanding; our Academy's goal is to answer the needs of everyone that aims for excellence in the form of etiquette, protocol and “savoir-vivre”.

The old saying is true, "first impressions matter".
In other words, we can't afford to make mistakes. The first time is the one !

Globalization forces us to know the world beyond our borders. Adapting to the habits and customs of our neighbours is expected, but sometimes it can be a real challenge. Being aware of these expectations, the Brussels Etiquette Academy has developed a programme that specifically answers the needs of our century in terms of courtesy and etiquette.

As you discover our website, you will be attracted by the originality of our programme, expertise of our coaches and flexibility of our modules. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; together we will find a suitable training option that meets your expectations.

The Etiquette Academy is a private school that teaches good manners, etiquette and protocol to:
Young ladies and young men
Diplomats and businessmen
Administrations and public services
Private schools
Everyone that desires to evolve graciously in social life

Classes are given at the Villa Léopoldine, a magnificent mansion overflowing with comfort and hospitality.

Our goal

The school aims to convey the knowledge of refinement, “savoir-être” and etiquette through its classes, which are given during the day and the evenings.

At the Brussels Etiquette Academy, courses are organised in French, as well as in English upon request. The classes are theoretical, interactive and entertaining. At the end of the training, students receive a certificate of etiquette and good manners.

We wish you a pleasant time learning more about our Academy and hope to see you very soon.

The Directorate

Jean Luc Koussou